What kind of service are you looking for?

There are many steps from concept to publication. So the first thing is to decide on your needs.

Would you like some advice in thinking your project through?

Are you looking for an experienced writer to develop or adapt existing material?

Perhaps you need editorial assistance to get your document just right, or a fresh pair of eyes before you go to press?


My publishing experience covers everything from writing and editing books to commissioning authors, editors, and freelance professionals as well as dealing with major international publishers.

During the 20 years I edited the peer-reviewed journal Development in Practice I worked with literally hundreds of authors from many different cultural, linguistic, and professional backgrounds.

Let me help you to think through your project and advise you on the kind of editorial or other assistance you might need. 



An experienced writer on development and humanitarian issues, my published works range from reference books and policy guidelines to academic papers, short articles, reports, and reviews. I have developed modules for a distance-learning MA in Development Studies.

I have been the official rapporteur for various international conferences, including UNRISD.

I can write from scratch, adapt existing materials, and prepare your 'write shops' or conference reports. Please visit my Publications page or Contact me to request a recent sample of my work.

Editing & Translation

The following descriptions set out different levels of editorial assistance.

1 Proofreading

The last step in the editorial cycle, this is a final check of the typesetter’s proofs (or of your final text if it is an informal publication) and includes:

  • Correcting simple errors of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and typos
  • Checking headers and footers, and ensuring internal consistency
  • Checking that illustrations are appropriately placed and captioned
  • Collating queries and ambiguities for you to resolve

Proofreading doesn't include re-wording your text or checking facts and figures.

2 Basic copy-editing

This is to improve the flow of your text to ensure that it is clear, concise, and consistent – in other words, that it is written in an appropriate style and that it reads smoothly. It includes:

  • Correcting errors and inconsistencies of expression, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary
  • Explaining or replacing jargon, acronyms, foreign phrases, and sexist or otherwise exclusive language
  • Checking simple facts, e.g. names, dates of publication, Internet references
  • Ensuring a sound and consistent structure in terms of headings, lists, illustrations, displayed quotations, notes and references, etc.
  • Collating queries and ambiguities for you to resolve

Basic copy-editing doesn't include re-writing your text, design & layout, or obtaining permission to publish copyrighted work.

3 Advanced editing

This includes some editorial intervention such as re-organising and re-writing short blocks of text in order to clarify your argument. If your document needs a significant amount of original work you might commission me to write it.


Having worked in Latin America for many years, I translate from Spanish (and ‘Spanglish’) into idiomatic English and combine this with the appropriate level of copy-editing.


Every assignment is unique so my fee depends mainly on the length and complexity of the work and how quickly you need it done.

For most editorial and translation work I charge per 1000 words. For original writing and assignments requiring specialist expertise I charge a daily rate or a lump-sum fee.